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Hometown: Manhattan, NY

Samuel Tadmiri is a current senior from New York City majoring in Environment & Sustainability, and pursuing a minor in Law & Society at Cornell. He is passionate about environmental justice and advocacy work, looking at the climate crisis through a social justice lens. Aside from PREP, he is also involved in Cornell University Parole Initiative as well as the Men’s Club Basketball Team.

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Executive Vice-President

Hometown: Ashford, Connecticut 

Grace is a current junior majoring in Global and Public Health Sciences. Aside from PREP, she works for the local non-profit, Prisoner Express. At Cornell, she is also a teaching assistant for general chemistry, instructor for Cornell Outdoor Education, Tradition fellow, and Outdoor Odyssey guide. In her spare time she enjoys reading, skiing, and art. 

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Sentencing Advocacy and Reform Project Manager
Hometown: New Haven County, CT

Cathryn is a sophomore from Connecticut double majoring in English and American Studies while also pursuing both Law & Society and Crime, Prisons, Education, and Justice minors. Cathryn is passionate about criminal justice reform and issues surrounding the prison system. On campus, she is a brother of pre-law fraternity Kappa Alpha Pi, Diversity & Inclusion Chair of Cornell's Mock Trial Team, and a member of Cornell University Parole Initiative. In PREP, Cathryn serves as Project Manager of Cornell Against Death Penalty Lobbying.

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Sentencing Advocacy and Reform Project Manager
Aurora, Colorado

Ameya is a freshman majoring in Government with prospective minors in Law & Society and Crimes, Prisons, Education, & Justice. He is interested in prison abolition and rehabilitative justice, especially for incarcerated people of color. On campus, he is a legal volunteer for the Cornell University Parole Initiative, on the Advocacy Committee for the South Asian Council, and a Milstein Scholar. He hopes to pursue public defense after attending law school.



MacCormick Games Manager
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Carlene Mwaura is a Junior in Industrial and Labor Relations. She is  interested in pursuing human rights law with a focus on protecting the rights of women and children of color through global policy making. Outside of academics she loves to spend time with her friends and family, hosting events, playing piano and cooking!



MacCormick Games Manager

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Zach is a sophomore majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations. On campus, he is a tour guide and is involved with Compass, an organization that runs the after school programming for a local middle school for court appointed youth. He is a huge basketball fan (Go Cavs!) and likes watching bad apocalypse movies.



Prison Education Tutoring and Outreach Project Manager
Hometown: Sarasota, FL

Michaela is a current freshman from Florida studying Government and Psychology in the College of Arts & Sciences. She is super passionate about prison reform and the need for a proper transition back into society and educating the public on why the criminal justice system needs to be altered. Aside from PREP, she is a part of the Big Red Sports Network, Chinese Student Association, Cornell Votes, and is a Kessler Scholar. In her spare time, you can find her reading, listening to music, or grabbing a matcha latte.

217961510_325788455699678_5833559398786958491_n - Kayleigh Wulf_edited.jpg


Prison Education Tutoring and Outreach Project Manager
Hometown: Candor, NY

Kayleigh is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Government, pursuing minors in Crime, Prison, Education, and Justice; Law and Society; Inequality Studies; and Public Policy. Alongside PREP, she works for Cornell's Prison Education Program, a program dedicated to supporting incarcerated individuals' academic ambitions and preparation for successful re-entry. Previously, she interned at the Broome County Public Defender Office and worked for Cornell's Upward Bound Program. After graduation, Kayleigh plans to continue her advocacy for educational equity and criminal justice reform and hopes to attend law school.

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VP of Finance

Hometown: Long Island, NY

Maya Smith is a junior studying Industrial and Labor Relations. She is a URF for William Keeton Dorm and a supervisor in the Keeton Dining Hall. She is also the co-membership chair for BOSS. Maya hopes to be a public interest lawyer in the future.



VP of Programming
Hometown: Dallas, TX

Lauren Madrigal is a sophomore in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations pursuing minors in Law and Society and Business. In addition to being VP of Programming for the Prison Reform and Education Project, she is also a legal volunteer for the Cornell University Parole Initiative, an Undergraduate Facilitator for the Intergroup Dialogue Project, and a member of Impact Dance Troupe. In the future, she hopes to attend law school. In her free time she enjoys reading, crocheting, and watching movies! 



VP of Public Relations 

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Alexis is a current sophomore double majoring in Government and History with minors in Crime, Prisons, Education & Justice and Law & Society. In addition to doing PR work for PREP, she is also the VP of PR for the Cornell University Parole Initiative (CUPI) and serves as the VP of New Member Education for CUPI as well. In her spare time she loves playing tennis, watching college basketball, and reading. 

Headshot 2022 - Emmanuel Daudu.jpg


Senior Advisor

Hometown: Bronx, NY 

Emmanuel is a member of the Class of 2023 studying Industrial and Labor Relations. He serves as the Senior Advisor for Cornell's Prison Reform and Education Project. He also serves as the Executive Vice President of Budding Branches, an intercollegiate non-profit organization that provides conversations to socio-economically disadvantaged high school students with undergraduates attending over 30 colleges in the US. Emmanuel has interned at the New York County District Attorney's Office under DA Cyrus Vance Jr. and has worked as a Ladders for Leaders Intern in the NYC Dept. of Youth and Community Development. Emmanuel received certification from Columbia University's Center for Justice as a Youth Justice Ambassador in 2019. He hopes to study anti-trust law when pursuing a JD.

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